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Policy and Historical Back ground



        The Department is one of the following 4 Wings under the Administrative control of Home, Prohibition &  Excise Department.

     1. Commissionerate  of Prohibition and Excise  headed by Commissioner of Prohibition & Excise
     2. The Prohibition Enforcement Wing  headed by  Additional Director General of Police
     3. The Narcotics Intelligence Bureau (NIB) headed by Superintendent of Police
     4. The Tamil Nadu State Marketing Corporation Limited  (TASMAC) headed by Managing Director.

1937- Prohibition was first introduced in Salem District.

1948- Prohibition was extended to the entire Tamil Nadu on 2nd October 1948 (i.e) Mahatma Gandhi’s Birthday

1971- Prohibition was suspended in Tamil Nadu and the sale of Arrack , Toddy and IMFL were permitted.

1973- Toddy shops were closed.

1974- Arrack shops were closed during September and subsequently IMFL shops were closed.- only permit
           holders were allowed to buy IMFL from selected places.

 1981-Sale of Toddy and Arrack was again introduced and licensed.
          Several Rules were introduced during the period

      1. Tamil Nadu Liquor (Licence & Permit) Rules,1981
      2. Tamil Nadu IMFS( Manufacture) Rules,1981
      3. Tamil Nadu Arrack Manufacture Rules,1981
      4. Tamil Nadu Toddy Rules,1981
      5. Tamil Nadu Brewery Rules,1983 etc.

82-83 - Manufacture of IMFS Products permitted in private sectors.

1983  - TASMAC came into existence and took over the whole sale trade of arrack and IMFS in Tamil Nadu.

1987  - Arrack and Toddy prohibited with effect from 1.1.87.

1989  - TASCO was formed to the purpose of manufacturing IMFS & Beer.

1990  - TASCO started making Beer only.(Empee Breweries was taken over.)
               - Country Liquor was re-introduced and TASCO was entrusted to the manufacture.

1991  -The manufacture and sale of country liquor was discontinued.

2003  -IMFL Retail vending is entrusted to TASMAC & granted exclusive privilege of Retail vending w.e.f          

        - the policy continues till date